Passage Plan up the Thames from Gravesend to Kew Bridge

This is the plan for tomorrow. I may regret saying this, but if you’re in Central London and free at lunchtime, come on down. I’ll post bridge updates as we pass them on Instagram @minkypink – proviso being, our boat has a whole load of gubbins on it so don’t judge us for being scruffy, we’re working on it and we’re in a better state than we were.  Also – photos please! 


06.30 Run engine and check systems.

LW G’End at 07.00

In slack water ease the barge out of berth. 

dep G’End by 08.00

G’End to Kew Bridge 34 m = 6 hrs @ 6 kts.
Tower Bridge c12.00

Hammersmith Bridge c13.30 (1.5 hrs before HW)
HW Kew Bridge 15.00

arr 14.00

Turn barge upstream of mooring and ease down into berth using the last of the rising tide to manouevre.

all secure by 15.00 (slack water)


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