Got our motor running… Heading up the Tideway

Well well well. 
So just over 4 months ago I had a little girl, and we completely adore her. We named her Sadie Elisabeth after one of each of our wondrous grandmothers.

She’s like a perfect, tiny vortex that has drawn in all of my resources and most of my faculties; all of my time, intellect, energy and capacity for love have been sucked into caring for this small bundle who somehow – and I still haven’t got my head around this – my body created.  

So I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to publish the various updates I promised before she arrived – I’ve been busy. 

On the boat front, the Owl has been as industrious as ever – we have Exciting News. 

We’re moving next weekend to a new spot up the tidal Thames. That rarest of treasures, the proverbial hen’s tooth of the boating world: a residential mooring. It’s costing us an alarming lot of money, but it’s ours, it’s perfect in almost every possible way, and we can’t wait to be there. I’m so excited I can barely bring myself to think about it.
In the meantime, between packing up all our precious things and breakables, stocking the cool box, prepping the cabins and clearing the decks for Sunday, I’ve set myself the unrealistic target of bringing you up to date on the last few projects before we go, so I can start afresh once we get there… So watch this space (but don’t hold your breath!)


4 thoughts on “Got our motor running… Heading up the Tideway

  1. Judy says:

    Oh my how exciting is that! Where you going? Kew? Thought you’d fallen orf the planet. Looking fwd to the update.
    XX Joods

  2. Sophie Wood says:

    Congratulations Guys. That is wonderful wonderful news! Can’t wait to meet wee Sadie one day, and meanwhile good to hear some news. Thrilled for you re: your very own mooring too. It’s all slotting into place!
    Soph and Charlie xxxx

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