Installing the New Water Tanks

Quite a few friends have been asking about the blog recently and all we can say is – yep, we’ve been totally sidetracked by my being pregnant (23 weeks and counting, in case you’re interested) and by busy work over the summer that didn’t let up the way it’s supposed to… But we are still here, and all our various jobs are still in progress – albeit at the speed of a sloth, a snail, and a giant tortoise respectively.*

Nevertheless: we persevere, and a two week holiday in Abruzzo (our first in years) definitely helped, so with the generous help of some good friends we’re hoping to get a few more things finished with renewed vigour before the cold sets in. Especially the stove, what with all its lovely ‘heating’ capabilities.

ANYWAY… In the meantime I thought I’d tell you the story of our new water tanks to try and get ourselves back into the blogging habit. I’ll make it snappy and it’ll be mainly pictures…

First job was to remove the stairs and hack into the suspicious-looking painted ply boxes between the bathroom and the engine room bulkheads, so off I went to pottery and the Owl got cracking.


Turned out they were still full of apparently clean water, and had been lined with some sort of fibreglass epoxy to keep them watertight – it was starting to go in one corner but was otherwise pretty much intact. “Suspicious-looking” became “actually quite ingenious” but it was too late and I still wasn’t going to drink from them so we drained them dry and out they came…



Leaving us with a cavernous hole to play with. The view into the hole:

The view back up out of the hole:

And the view from the far end of the hole into the bathroom (just for kicks):


Next it was time for the two shiny new amazing 650L custom-made medium density polyethylene resin tanks to go in on a clean base of recycled work top to protect their bottoms from wear…

(Minor drama when the Owl realised he’d forgotten to double-check the total length of both tanks would fit beneath the stairs when they went back in: they did, by about an inch.)
The final thing was to disconnect the existing water supply (from our trusty but let’s face it FUUUGLY IBC tank on the poopdeck):

IMG_6559.JPGAnd put the shiny new brass water input deck fitting in like this:

And we were done.
(Those last two photos are cheats off t’interweb incidentally as I have a filthy cold and haven’t ventured outside to take real ones for you. Sorry.)

Oh. Forgot to mention the drama of the hose tail: the tanks were made to measure by Tek Tanks who sent us hose tails to connect the flexible hose to the tanks. These were allegedly 13mm diameter fittings, so we obediently went and got lots of 13mm hose – only to discover that what they’d actually sent us were just 12.1mm.

Their response upon receipt of J’s ‘frustrated of Barking’ email?
“Blimey, you’re right. Do you know, we’ve been sending those out for years as 13mm and you’re the first person ever to say something?!”

They said they’d send us correct bits but guess what? They haven’t. So we have to be very careful when filling the tanks not to overflow, as currently the 0.9mm gap is packed with insulation tape while we come up with another more water-tight solution – and the overflow isn’t reliable either so WE MUST NOT LEAVE THE MAINS HOSE RUNNING!

Still – look at our lovely shiny clear poopdeck:

IMG_6547.JPG All we need to do now to get our drinking water situation 100% sorted and finished is install an in-line filter under the sink, and we’ll be tickety boo. (If anyone has any recommendations of good brands, let me know).

Next post will be on my dad’s EPIC job this summer restoring the beautiful old beehive hatch which will be the crowning of the back deck.

* Yes I really did just Google “slowest creatures in the world” for that one. That’s the kind of person I am.
It was actually surprisingly interesting – who’d have thought the seahorse would feature so prominently?! I rest my case.


2 thoughts on “Installing the New Water Tanks

  1. David Pullan says:

    With reference to para one…huge congratulations!! SJ will text you. Much love to you both. Dxx

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