On Sand-blasting and Painting More of the Deck

I must admit I have been at a loss to know how to handle recent times at Fresh Wharf – blog-wise, at least. I have started and not finished so many posts about this whole debacle which changes daily and is as multifaceted as a Dickensian novel… And where I get to every time is that we have lived on our boat for ten months, almost exactly. We arrived at Barking Creek and found ourselves caught

in a gathering maelstrom of conflicting personalities and politics, most sides of which I think we see relatively clearly, and which have apparently been developing for years before we arrived (albeit more speedily in the last year or so).

But this is not our fight.

Suffice it to say (for now at least) that we are working hard on our boat so that she’s fit to move as soon as we can find a mooring elsewhere. We’re aiming for the end of June – it’s good to have focus. Almost all weekend plans have been put on hold for the foreseeable. My dad has devised the mother of all project plans. We are ON.

To be honest we’d already made a start, and although the two main jobs (deck painting and tanks) seem to be expanding like patches of rust under old paint work, we have been making pretty good progress.

Deck painting: at a conservative estimate, we have over 100metres squared to strip and repaint before July. Remind me never to buy a five stage paint system ever again… Epoxy my ass.

We’re now up to the third coat on the second area (approx 40m2 – the rest of the devil diamond plate steel) and have two coats of topcoat left to do, although we need to decide on colours since the hideous lime green debacle. We’ll also need to do another final coat on the first 20m2, as the heavens opened just as we finished painting at the end of the Easter weekend and ruined the surface. So it’s now irreparably filthy just a few weeks in – which is obliging us to rethink the original white decision. Live and learn… So this was our reaction to the closing notice: we got serious on the diamond plate, borrowed the nearest poly tunnel and got a sand-blaster in:



20140518-092146-33706818.jpg This is the deck post-blasting:

20140518-092642-34002071.jpg And then my mum and stepdad came to help us with the painting (superheroes):



20140518-092824-34104971.jpg He used 7 bags of inert recycled glass and within a few hours our boat looked like the costa del sol:


(Incidentally, The green doesn’t look quite as offensive under clouds, but we’re still going to change it.)

You can see the removed ply tanks on deck in the last photo which J removed the same weekend… All go. I’ll do separate posts on tanks and portholes though, so more on that later.

Happy Sundays, people. We’ll be found DIY-ing up on deck as usual…


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