A Topsy Turvy Week : on how we find ourselves in need of a new mooring

Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve been in Berlin for a few days as J was speaking about his album app project at the AES conference. It’s such a great city, chilled and electric at the same time – es war fantastische!

We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel.
We ate at Hansen, Markethalle Neun, Jolesche, Soho House Berlin and Gasthaus Figl; we drank at Kuschlowski.

We had coffee in the deco courtyard of the Cameleon theatre, browsed the art market on Museuminsel and meandered through the Brandenberg Gate, into the Tiergarten and down past the Holocaust memorial. We did a bit of vintage and stumbled across the East Berlin Gallery just at the end of our road.

We discussed flying dreams; my next pot; how we might get the boat to Berlin; what we want to achieve in the next few months and years; what we’d do if Armageddon actually happened. We fell asleep in the afternoon. We spent almost a whole day going up and down the Spree on a riverboat from East to West to East again, drinking cold beer in the sunshine.

And then we got home.
Got stuck at Stansted border control for over an hour at midnight. I got bitten on the side of my forehead which had swelled to the size of an egg by bedtime and looked like a half-cracked Klingon by the time I work up. We got a letter from the mooring terminating our agreement and giving us until 30th June to leave.

So, yeah.

That happened.


2 thoughts on “A Topsy Turvy Week : on how we find ourselves in need of a new mooring

  1. Joods says:

    I’ll start at the end and oh booger. Move you must. Whither next? Come to Camden and then we can pop in!
    Hope the Klingon effect is but a nasty memory.
    We “did” Berlin last year. Loved it. We’ll try your restos next time. Did have lunch at Soho House. I note you don’t mention many museum visits? The Pergamon was fantastic. Go back if you missed it.
    XX Joods

    • I’ve been before and went to the Neues Museum – we’ll definitely check out the Pergamon next time, thanks for the tip. This time the weather was just too glorious to be inside…
      Moorings: sadly we’re too big to fit through the locks of the grand union or we’d be there like a flash! We’re investigating… Will keep you posted!

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