Bunny the Boiler Strikes Again (and again, and again…)

The last few days have been frustrating on a number of levels.  Specifically:

1) The daunting task of determining the best way to strip and repaint the deck and topsides of the boat (this essentially boils down to slurry blasting (expensive and messy but fast and effective) vs. an angle-grinder (slow, hard and less thorough but cheap); plus

2) The ongoing saga of Bunny the Boiler, whose internal chimney has now been caught red-hot/ handed TWICE sparking jet flames into the bilges, mainly due to poor installation and excessive rusting.

J fixed the first problem last week with shim steel and clamps (visible at the top of the section in the photo above. You can also see how hot it gets…).

The second problem occurred this morning when we woke up to glorious sunshine but icy decks, turned the boiler on to warm up – and then turned it swiftly back off again when it started erupting sparks out of the back.

This time we need a new part – specifically a 4/6″ flue adaptor apparently although we have doubts they’re approved in the uk. Also assuming we can get the rusty old collar off the back which is currently so stiff it might even have been welded on).

You can see the bits that have rusted through and off towards the bottom of the picture above, so here is the back of Bunny from whence they came, and where the collar still stubbornly resides: >


Funtimes! More to follow in the coming weeks no doubt, but this is what’s been keeping us quiet in the meantime.

On the plus side: I’d almost forgotten how glorious the boat is in the sunshine! Pure heaven. Makes me want to plant millions of deck tubs of herbs, veg and edible flowers… Like we don’t have enough to do 😉

Pre-post update from the Owl: “So I got to the bottom of the flue issue today from several phone calls. We definitely should not be reducing to a 4” flue from a 6” output.

SO, I think we’ll need to bite the bullet and install a new 6” double-walled flue which will require cutting a bigger hole in the deck. The upshot is that it’s all off the shelf parts so it shouldn’t cost too much. Just need a man with a plasma cutter or oxy torch and a welder.”

Any volunteers?! ;


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