On Surviving the Storms

Well, that was a bumpy night.

I just heard on the radio that two people died – one poor woman from falling masonry at Holborn! An absolute horror story. That’s my stop every day.

So last night was the third and ugliest of the latest barrage of terrible weather – the gnarly-looking one on the left below:

20140215-100354.jpg(I took this on the way into work on Thursday morning. They were right.)

So this is just a quick post to say we survived but it was long, dark and very noisy. The novelty is definitely wearing off – although despite my worst suspicions at 4am this morning, a quick once-over deck inspection today suggests we actually escaped completely unscathed. Even my new wormery!

Huzzah. It is currently empty which is very good news for them, but less good for the wormery, which I was convinced would end up in the drink.

Instead it seems all the many loud bumps and crashes above our heads last night were from N’s boat next to us who did have a very nice picnic arrangement set up:

20140215-101041.jpg I also found small shards of ceramic (terracotta pot?) on our gunwale, but no other trace. By my counting last night at least 4 heavy things came South so god knows what they were or where they ended up.

To give you some context re proximity, this is the view of N’s front door from our cabin (“bedroom”) porthole:


Regarding all the noise below the waterline, the gap between our boats this morning was as clean as a whistle:

20140215-102116.jpg but I was exonerated by the sight of these nasty lumps further upstream (remember they’re like icebergs):


20140215-102221.jpg(can you tell I’m struggling with wordpress this morning? Sorry. Will try to finish this after pottery but suffice it to say: all ok.)


4 thoughts on “On Surviving the Storms

  1. David Pullan says:

    Hope you nautical chaps hang on in there. Even our little hill in Sussex is threatening to require the Noah option. Love to you both. Dx

  2. Sophie Wood says:

    Hooray! Have been wondering how you two cats (well one owl) have been surviving the torrential onslaught. The lack of terra firma for the worms must be rather disconcerting. Their instincts must be on fire! xxxx

  3. well done Savage Eyebrow crew! You had prepared well and didn’t suffer any damage. Our thoughts are with you.

  4. Thanks guys, we’re settling in for a much calmer night on board tonight… Fingers crossed! X

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