A moment out of time

Tonight I got home after a few nights away and a lovely long-needed night of catching up with AW, and I kissed my sleepy husband hello. And then I went back up onto the deck, lay back to look at the stars, and I wept. For myself, for my parents, for my friends, for my cat. And then I sat up and looked at the water coming in on the tide, and I came back in and made some tea.


6 thoughts on “A moment out of time

  1. Douglas Grant says:

    So nice to be sensitive and enjoy, love, what one has rather than what one thinks what they want.
    Enjoy all you have and may you share your thoughts and precious gifts with those around you.
    Wishing you amend family !! Merry Xmas and 2014 to be all that you desire.

  2. David Pullan says:

    Much love to you and the Owl. Happy Christmas and hope to see you before 2014 is too old. David and Sarah Jane. xx

  3. Hannah Quinn says:

    What a beautiful moment! Much love Xx

    • Ah, loads of love to you my friend. We’re having a New Year’s Eve party if you’re about – although no doubt you’re in hot demand down south! Would love to see you if you find yourself at a loose end at some point xxx

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