UPDATE: on heating a boat in winter

Just received this.

From: RHPremium@est.org.uk

Sent: 25 November 2013 12:44
To: Anna Chapman-Andrews
Subject: RE: RHPP for residential barges

Afternoon Anna,
Thanks for your email. Unfortunately you will not be able to claim RHPP for a biomass boiler on your barge.
As stated in the FAQ’s under 3.5 What is the eligibility criteria? Renewable heating systems must supply a permanent residential building (mobile homes, caravans, house boats and systems heating swimming pools only are not eligible).

Programme Administrator
Energy Saving Trust – Scotland

How boring is that?!

I was quite excited about having an eco boat.  We were even contemplating the possibilities for the world’s first passive barge, but no.  Crushed, we slink back to the mucky, black, coal-guzzling, ex-industrial, poorly-insulated shack on water from which we were briefly so bold and foolish enough to almost launch our noble, clean and starry plan.

Oh, woe.




4 thoughts on “UPDATE: on heating a boat in winter

  1. Hannah Quinn says:

    Sad times! 😦 Good excuse for one of those beautiful burners then :))) Xxx

  2. Sophie Wood says:

    That is a complete bore. Phoo. Can clever you two design and make your own biomass system, tailor made for the boat and your needs?

    Soph xxx

  3. Joods says:

    Alas and alack and woe is thee. Back to the cashmere knickers and mink lined bras then. XX

  4. Denise schade says:

    Seems like they misunderstood that you are actually living on the barge. Humph!

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