How to Transition from Halogen to LED lights (with a Fuzzy, Warm Glow)

We inherited halogen lights all over the boat. I remember the fuss when my parents had them installed in their new kitchen when I was a kid – the next big thing in the world of lighting and interiors, their light so warm and lovely…. but it soon became apparent that on the flip side, halogen bulbs are pricey, get very hot, and burn out quickly.

So LEDs are this generation’s next big thing in lighting and interiors. They’re cooler, cheaper and last significantly longer. They’re also significantly brighter if you’re not careful about what you order. And very, very, bright white.

The Owl is determined to change all our fittings over to LED for all the good practical reasons listed above. I hate them, for the fact that aesthetically they SUCK.

Enter our very lovely and, it turns out, super handy friend T who works in telly and just casually suggested we sand the discs to diffuse the light and put “Tungsten Gels” over them to warm the light up. Just like that. Problem solved. I love him.

So Tungsten gels (also known as CTO – ‘Color Temperature Orange’ gels) are what them-in-the-Biz use to convert daylight to tungsten- or incandescent- light when filming. And they’re cheap as chips!

Sorted. Guess what I’m going to be doing for the next few evenings.


PS: If you find RGB and light in general as fascinating and perplexing alchemy like I do, some helpful lighting chappie has written a blog post about using gels to correct lighting (in photography admittedly) that’s going to confound my brain for weeks:

PPS: I even love the words. Tungsten. Incandescent. Fluorescent (say it really slowly.) Such languorous, luxurious syllables to roll around the tongue…

PPPS: BTW: did you know fluorescent light is actually green?! And the opposite of green is magenta on the light spectrum?!?! I did not know this. I like it a lot.

PPPS: Have I mentioned how much I love ‘WHICH?’? I do. I properly love them. A recent issue contained this little beauty of a TestLab on the best LED lightbulbs now available and why: If you’re not a member but you’re considering lighting, it’s worth the £1 trial subscription on its own. Sadly this is on standard bayonet/ screw bulb substitutes, not halogen spots, so I’m sticking with my tungsten gels plan thanks v much.


2 thoughts on “How to Transition from Halogen to LED lights (with a Fuzzy, Warm Glow)

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