Odd Jobs and Photo Update

Hello. sorry for the delay in this, we’ve had other stuff going on this last week and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to write – we haven’t started any major projects recently as all efforts have been focused on getting the basics for comfort sorted.

So with that in mind I thought I’d show you how shipshape we’re looking these days.

The first thing to say is: we love our boat! I actually get slightly homesick when I’m at work, no joke. I KNOW. But it’s just as well, as we’re stoney broke getting all the stuff we need (and -ahem- some stuff that we don’t STRICTLY need right now) and doing all the jobs that need doing. We’re becoming very boring. We have nothing else to talk about.

Oh well.

This weekend, we borrowed an aqua-vac from a neighbour and the Owl pumped about 200 litres of rank water from the engine room bilge. Diesel, sump oil, old grease from the stern gland – you name it. He then spent twice as long cleaning all that filth from the pump so it could be be returned.

He also discovered the joys of Brasso wadding and tackled a small porthole:

20130820-175734.jpg…As well as finally (after several failed attempts relating to inadequate screwdrivers) managing to remove the guilty leaking port light from the roof and beginning the job of clearing it out to be resealed and reinstated in the deck (though not, hopefully, like this):

20130820-175941.jpgNow we just beed to work out the best way to seal it back in – putty? sikaflex? silicone? Its a bloody minefield, I tell you…

This is the sitting room this morning (I really hate the word ‘saloon’ but fill your boots if you’re a stickler):

20130819-130327.jpgAnd this is the chair I spent a few hours wiping with surgical spirit and sanding down with 150grit sandpaper to lose the plastic new leather sheen on Saturday afternoon:

20130819-162104.jpgI’ve ordered some soft wax for it sticklers, no fear. You’ll just have to take my word that it’s a vast improvement on the horrid shiny poo effect that was still stubbornly refusing to soften three years on, because I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo. Fortunately for us all, this is not another craft blog.

This, then, is how our cabin is currently looking:

20130819-164238.jpg Cosy, right? Shame that massive porthole leaks in the rain. The bed is so high with our cushy mattress on it that it reaches my hip. It was pretty high already and I now have to do an inept and graceless vault variation every night to get onto it. I need a step.

Through the priest hole door you can see a pile of cushions and bits of an armchair currently missing one of its castors. Climbing in and leaving that unsightly pile to one side however, you might see this:

20130819-164731.jpgSo that’s one (admittedly cosy) sleeping option nearly ready for two of my bests who are coming to stay from New York this weekend (Can. Not. Wait.)

Another sleeping option is the captain’s cabin in which I spent a couple of hours on Sunday, stacking and consolidating what miscellaneous ‘niche hobby’-related property we’d forgotten we had and couldn’t decide what to do with when we got it all out of storage a few weeks ago. These items include: an extensive fancy dress collection, an old typewriter, a sewing machine and three never-used, brightly coloured plastic seat toboggans from a skiing holiday in 2011. Sorting out these delights aside, the captain’s cabin needs a serious scrub to be habitable. It may in fact prove to be uninhabitable by R&J in any case, the latter of whom has just turned four and may prove a little too nifty on the almost vertical steps for her mother’s sanity. (I don’t know – how nifty are four year olds? I guess we’re about to find out…)

This was the view from the bathroom as I was brushing my teeth this morning. I weirdly love this view; it’s so damnboaty.

20130819-200346.jpg And this is our mooring in the morning sun. You might just make out ‘Maria Elisabeth’ on her bow; the boat to the right facing towards us.

20130819-200756.jpg So this is the life, people. Our bathroom is full of tools, we now have an old tank full of filthy water we don’t know what to do with and there’s a gaping hole in the roof, but despite all that it’s all completely brilliant.



4 thoughts on “Odd Jobs and Photo Update

  1. Joods says:

    Home sweet home indeed! Coming along a treat. Love your tranquil berth. How about a mini pole vault to get into bed? Or better still a legup from the Owl. Who’s on the inside? More boaty would be a knotted rope to haul on. At a push the little plastic stools from Ikea for little boys to stand on to pee into the loo could be just the ticket. As you can see I’m good on advice.

    One of these days we’ll be there to inspect in person. Keep slaving away.

    XX Joods

    • I hadn’t thought of a rope! That is a superlative idea, thank you. We’d love to see you as ever and always. We’re not going anywhere much for the foreseeable either, so please do visit next time you’re in town… X

  2. I am very Impressed by your work and by your pioneer spirit. Your little boat looks very homely and a tribute to your hard work. Loving the look with the rugs, colour and comfortable chairs. Enjoy the journey of home making. xxx Denise

    • Thanks Denise! We’re getting there although there’s still a long way to go. We had Andrea&Hugh over for supper on Sunday night so they’ll be able to give you a first hand account of how it’s all looking. It was a very special evening, we loved seeing them- our first Shak family guests! X

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