A word on: THE NATURE

I have not got the hang of posting drafts weeks after I started them. Hope this works. For the record, I wrote it yesterday and have been trying to post the sodding thing ever since…


This morning we woke up to the lovely sound of rain pattering on the steel roof above our heads. A soothing, cat-snuggly-on-my-feet, this-is-the-life moment for me; a frantic, leap-out-of-bed-for-the-nearest-saucepan moment for the Owl.

On my way to the station I passed a fleet of ducks, sheltering head beneath wing on a weed-float in the middle of the turning pool, and a scattering of small gulls sailing about industriously. They weren’t having as much success as after the catastrophic rains a few weeks ago, but more on that in a minute.

Dick and Liz occasionally pay us a visit on their way to the barrage and back – they live a little further up-stream.

20130809-195040.jpgMother Goose pops by regularly with her two teenagers for an overnighter on the orange tub. She knows her game and is right over for a biscuit (never mind the kids) the second she spots a likely…

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2 thoughts on “A word on: THE NATURE

  1. Melissa says:


    So you’ve finally got the boat and moored it! Congratulations. You look like you’ve made amazing progress on it. We have also moved from a boring new build to a house that is essentially camping under bricks. Anyway in my self appointed role as ambassador of barking here are a few places to try

    Food and drink
    Cafe in the library- run by a mental health charity to teach waitressing skills the food is delicious and cheap

    Bengal lancer at the other end of the high street to you nice Indian

    Taste of Indian – southern Indian dosa and puri’s

    Barking broadway – does drinks on a Thursday evening

    Spotted dog – alright if overpriced

    The royal oak – past barking park , nice food and beer garden

    Shepherds opposite station for true greasy spoon just get the sausage over with first!

    Cafe in barking park – nice to watch the world go by

    Stuff to do

    Barking park has a park run every Saturday at 9 it’s a free 5 km run and very popular

    Barking road runners – my husbands running club

    Eastbury manor house and valence house have loads of clubs and societies including the women’s institute of which I am the Vice President! We meet the first wed of every month 7pm first meeting is free. There are loads of sub groups if you are a member – film club craft club walking club book club cake club you get the picture.

    Dagenham community farm are doing some groovy things plus there are a lot of allotments which further down the line you might want

    That’s all I can think of for now


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