New Utilities, New Me

Just a brief one to say that as of today:

We have power!
We have hot water!
We have a fully operational and thoroughly decent loo!
We have WIFI!
We even have pretty much all our stuff out of storage, and I have succumbed and paint-tested a corner of the Orange Monstrosity Thai Sapphire by Little Greene

The power is not everywhere yet – they had issues with half the captain’s cabin and one of the new sockets has mysteriously failed this evening so there are evidently still kinks to be worked out, but I have a new socket next to my head in which to plug my phone charger (it’s remarkable how hard phones have to work to do anything from within a steel hull – I ran out of juice last night despite reserves of 35%), and the little 12v halogens (“G4s”) in the cupboards, bulkheads, bathroom and wheelhouse actually turn on when you flick a switch. It’s a revelation. Especially the bathroom, which has more or less been a dark black hole of doom where mortals fear to tread for the past 4weeks.

On the wifi: suffice it to say I am posting this from my bed. Which incidentally has my own mattress on it, the one I bought with the profit from my last boat in 2002. It’s now so high it comes up to my hip and I have to clamber gracelessly to get onto it, but still: how cool is that?! I can’t believe it fits…

So it’s chaos out there in a surprising range of ways, but in here everything is completely lovely.

Happy times afloat…



2 thoughts on “New Utilities, New Me

  1. John C-A says:

    Excellent blog Mink. Good news too. Do fit smoke alarms throughout. Battery ones will do from tool station.. A signal booster from your phone service supplier should help too. I like orange with the Thai sapphire. XxxxxX pa

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