First days afloat

Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve been busy. WORKING ON OUR BOAT. Yeah, thats right… Here are some of our new neighbours.

20130715-113709.jpgEver wondered where the expression ‘bald as a coot’ came from?

This weekend saw us working two of the longest, hardest days I for one have ever done. Punctuated by our first wonderful visitors who came laden with bottles of fizz, new strength for sanding, charming company, and homemade smoked Harissa which single-handedly transformed some of our (extremely basic) first meals on board into manna from Heaven. It’s the nuts, I tell you. It’s just a shame T can only vaguely remember how he made it… Anyhoo, we finally had several of our long-awaited drinks on the deck with the key in our sticky mitts (look at it! All that grief – for this!)

20130715-114600.jpg And all told, we’re making good progress – from eating our inaugural Barking curry takeaway in the pitch dark with one paper plate between us on Friday night (we had power to be fair, just no lights – and a candle, but no matches); by Saturday we had been to the lockup to collect the Magic Box so had lights, cutlery and crockery, and had finished the first coat of floor wax (painting ourselves into the cabin in the process – we had to climb out through the roof hatch to get the toaster). Our world on Saturday evening looked like this:

20130715-113408.jpgfortunately we only finished the waxing gone 10pm so there wasn’t much evening left, and we slept like the dead.

So after two days of mouse-sanding and waxing, by 2pm yesterday we were beyond filthy and I for one ached more than I’ve ever ached before. I deserve a telegram from the queen, I felt that old. Knees, hands, hips, shoulders, back, even the deepest muscles in my butt were screaming for mercy by the end of coat#3. The Owl, irritatingly, seemed fine. Why is that?!?

Turned out well for me though – this is the marvellous scene I awoke to at 8.30 on Sunday morning:

20130715-104301.jpgWe went in the end for Ronseal’s diamond hard floor wax in natural after MUCH deliberation, on the basis that it shows the wood in all it’s beauty and will be more easily repairable in future (saving us night horrors of having to sand 3+ layers of varnish back on the whole floor because in our exhaustion on saturday we missed a bit). We are dead chuffed with the result, it looks gorgeous.

20130715-123723.jpgWe then trudged way back West to clear up and out of the flat we’ve been staying in, which leaves just the cat and a few sundries to collect from my brother’s before we’ll be fully arrived if not established ‘in Barking’. Deep, deep East; Zone4, Essex post code… my god it’s remote. Especially when 3 of the 4 tfl lines which support it are closed for planned engineering works as they were this weekend. Given the fact they’re “planned”, you’d think they might’ve planned it better…

Anyway, we’re essentially camping without the luxury of a shower hut (or a fridge), but with the relative convenience of a massive 24hr Tesco complete with customer toilets and large bottles of cold beer about 7mins walk away, we couldn’t be happier.

And progress continues… By the time the owl got back from returning the van to Kilburn last night, we were looking like this (AND I had located enough kitchen kit to make a tomato salad):

20130715-113134.jpgit’s starting to feel a lot like home, although there’s still masses to be done. My phone spat the dummy over the weekend and refused to connect to the internet; it’s back on its feet now but I’ve spent an hour writing this in the wheelhouse as it’s the only place I can get sufficient reception to upload photos, but I’ll do another ASAP on the trip itself now I’ve got the images and the Internet vaguely sorted.

Over and out x



One thought on “First days afloat

  1. Amber says:

    That is such a cool space, and the floor looks amazing. I love old hardwood floors.

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