We made it! Hello, Barking…

Left the Medway at 2am and got back to Kilburn about an hour ago, tired and dirty but satisfied.

Will do a full post later in the week but in the meantime, this is the Owl steering our ship for the first time, c.4.30am this morning…



3 thoughts on “We made it! Hello, Barking…

  1. Joods says:

    Aye aye cap’n. You must be barking! Is it safer in the dark? I now know that Will the Conq left instructions to build the Tower of London after his coronation on Christmas Day 10 clickety cllick and then buggered off to Barking Abbey for R&R so it must be a good place for a rest.

    Pass the rum! Cheers. Joods

    • Very good!

      Yep, we are Barking indeed – after 14hours motoring from 2am yesterday morning, we moored up in Barking Creek at 4pm, just above the barrage.

      J has spent the day sorting electrics and sanding. I’ve been at work and won’t get there til Saturday to help with the varnishing.

      But: we have the key! It’s rusty and bound with rotting old rope, but maybe that’s as it should be…

      Can’t wait to welcome you on board. When are you back?


  2. Denise says:

    Hurrah! Looks most adventurous and wonderfully adventurous. Well done owl. Well done pussy cat.

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