A low ebb

Last week was too depressing to write about; despite trying to keep my spirits up by drawing up my scale layout of the boat and choosing colours for the wheelhouse, the Dutch continued to seriously let the side down and we received no paperwork from anyone, despite the notary having apparently returned from his unfortunate (for us) holiday on Monday.   Apparently this is not typical; it really is just us plus some exceptionally crummy luck.  A low ebb, indeed.

And so another week drips past.  It’s hard to maintain any enthusiasm – comforting adages are just as likely to irritate as to work (“it’ll get there in the end” – the end of what, exactly? What does this actually mean?!; “it’ll be worth it when you’re on it” – why, because we’ve suffered so much for it? How does that work?) 

After seven weeks at my brother’s house in Acton (poor things – it was only supposed to be two), we finally managed to tear ourselves away and leave them in peace on Sunday – except for the mewling Prince of Darkness who they’re amazingly looking after so we don’t have to uproot him again – and have moved to friends’ in Kilburn (who are away for a few weeks).  Another kind soul knew we were moving, and called to offer us their leftover pulled pork for a post-move picnic lunch.  It was so perfect and delicious, I can’t tell you…  Thank heaven for good friends – we owe each of them big-time.

So the couch odyssey continues in some considerable style and comfort, but my god we’re looking forward to finally being installed in our very own uncomfortable rust bucket of a leaky tub…

Current bookies’ favourite for a move date?  6th/7th July. 

As of yesterday evening the odds have improved marginally, as we’ve now got the mortgage paperwork from RSL and the power of attorney and transfer of vessel documents from the Dutch notary (incomplete/ wrong in places, but apparently we can annotate by hand). We signed at 12.30pm today in Tavistock Square Starbucks under the watchful eye of a solicitor, and the seven day cooling off period begins when RSL receive the papers back: i.e. tomorrow. 

Apparently there’s nothing else that can go wrong – I’ve asked – but frankly, I’ll believe it when I’m on it with a rusty key in my damp hand and a triple vodka in the other.

In the meantime it’s our first wedding anniversary this weekend, and in the absence of a home to be in we’re heading back down to Cuxton to do a bit more scrubbing, and spending the night here: http://www.thesovereignbb.co.uk before coming back to London on Sunday for a friend’s birthday pub lunch. 

And that, my friends, is that. 


6 thoughts on “A low ebb

  1. Michael D Berg says:

    You will overcome this, keep on pushing , thank god you are not a Gemini

  2. Joods says:

    Is it really a whole year since we came to your wonderful wedding. Happy anniversary. Sorry boat things are not plain sailing. Hope you make swift progress from here on. Fingers crossed. Will keep in touch re proposed cocktail visit on Sat. We’ll be on the move round Norfolk and Suffolk not to mention Essex. I’m sure we’ll have email access.

    Onward and upward.

    XX Joods

  3. charlie says:

    Happy anniversary to you both – amazing that it has been a year. Are the Portuguese and Dutch related? – seems the “legal” incompetence is a running theme!

  4. Fran says:

    Welcome to the world of boating, everything takes twice as long and costs three times as much!!! I live on a yacht in Essex whilst we are converting a big old British barge and I now wouldn’t ever want to go back to living on dry land. It will come good and the good times will outweigh the memory, so stick with it (at least the boat is now in the UK which is certainly progress). I look forward to following your story x

    • Thanks Fran. I was expecting it to be hard, but this has exceeded even my worst expectations…! We’ve made progress today I think, the cooling off period has begun so with any luck we’ll be moving next week. And then the real work begins!! Look forward to following your story too – thanks for the message, I really appreciate it. Ax

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