Progress update #1: Sanding the floor and a major Mould Offensive

Well, needless to say, after our first two days’ hard work on board, we’re knackered. We are seriously going to have to man up much better than this if we’re to get it all done with any efficiency/ good will/ knee cartilage left over.

Of the many afore-listed jobs, we achieved precisely two and a half (of the biggest ones, admittedly). Still, good progress was made.
Here is the Owl in his full sanding gear:

20130616-154806.jpg And here is what he was up against:

20130616-172101.jpg by the end of Friday he’d probably done about half. He used a belt sander from the incomparable HSS and got through 2 packs of 5 sheets of grade 3/4 paper (I think). It needs going over with a mouse sander as some of the ironwood boards are less than flat, and we came back on Saturday morning to find that one of the hatches had leaked in the night (I hadn’t even realised it had rained) which accounts for the large green patch that had settled in beneath it…

20130616-172840.jpg and the offending hatch:

20130616-173110.jpg But eventually it looked like this:

Which is amazing. The product of about sixteen hours’ backbreaking grind… Albeit we don’t yet know when we’ll be able to get back down to varnish it…

In the meantime, I was busy with my mould offensive. Essentially, all the surfaces in the boat have acquired a layer of mould along the lines of this.

I realise this is probably poor form for a would-be pirate, however I can’t get my head around any other jobs – let alone the prospect of living here – until I’ve brought it back up to a vaguely ‘neutral’ starting position.

So: on Friday I scrubbed every square inch of the bathroom (is it still a ‘head’ when it has a shower and sink etc as well as a loo?).
Despite trying to entertain and distract myself by practicing my yoga (cat/cow, cat/cow, cat/cow), it nevertheless put me in an extremely bad mood, which I blamed on the chlorine fumes and which was only slightly improved by our off-piste walk back to the hotel which took in some impressive engineering feats:

20130616-173652.jpg as well as substantial greenage which unfortunately caused the Owl the most profound hayfever-related misery when we got back to the hotel that I have ever witnessed:

By the end of Saturday, every inch of the priest hole and all its infernal inbuilt storage was also shiny as new:

20130616-173901.jpg (anyone who says ‘you missed a bit’ will have their name put down for a keelhauling)

And I had used an entire bottle of Dettol Complete Clean Mould&Mildew Remover and 5 scourers.

I also took every conceivable measurement, with which to draw up a scale drawing of the layout which will a) help us work out what we ultimately want to put where, and b) improve her appeal whenever we come to resell. (Ever the marketer, I need an aim and for this it is to leave her in better shape than we got her… Which, let’s face it, won’t be difficult.)


So there we have it. We were so tired by the time we’d finished that I lost my purse.

In the meantime, the notary shows no sign of reappearing and so the mortgage paperwork still has not been issued.

We’ve also been told that not only did the last round of repairs in Holland culminate in a tow back to the boatyard – again – for another dry-docking to get the water draw for the engine cooling fixed, but that apparently we have to pay for it.

It’s actually perfectly reasonable to be honest, but the poor manner of its communication – again – makes my blood boil. I’ll be back in yoga again tomorrow, don’t worry.

Cat/ cow, cat/ cow, cat/ cow….



6 thoughts on “Progress update #1: Sanding the floor and a major Mould Offensive

  1. Tom Shore says:

    Nice verk folks! You must be knacker-oonied!!

  2. Jane says:

    I reckon that “it’ll be nice when it’s finished” should also go on the list of remarks that will result in a keelhauling. Keep smiling xxx

  3. Joanna Chapman-Andrews says:

    Well done owl and pussycat. We were pleased to observe the owl’s sinus-pretective sanding outfit but sorry to hear about subsequent sneezing and sniffling,,poor chap. Both his efforts with the floor and yours with the cupboards have made the boat positively sparkle, we thought! When can we come and help?!

  4. Amber says:

    We recently acquired a boat in need of some serious TLC ourselves, and I think I’m going to make the next person who says “A boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into” walk the plank. These things are a ton of work, aren’t they? Though you made the head look great- I can see it sparkling!

    • Thanks Amber! Much appreciated. Also nice to hear from someone who’s not reading simply out of familial duty!!!

      We haven’t heard the one about the watery hole yet, but give it a few months… Best of luck with your refurb, I’ll follow your progress too.

      No doubt it’ll all be wonderful in the end!

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