The Boat DIY Journey Begins

Based on various conversations in the past few days we’re currently aiming to take Friday off and start work on the boat to get her remotely habitable before we move on, whenever that may be (HELLO, Premier Inn Rochester!).

The job list that we will be getting on with currently looks like this:

· Sanding and re-varnishing the water-damaged floorboards in the main saloon/galley area
· Removing the crap built-in cupboards along the starboard side of the saloon
· Washing all internal surfaces down (with a bleach&borax solution?) to address the mould (ability to do this will be predicated by access to clean water – apparently there’s a tap on the pontoon but eventually we’ll need to buy a potable hose)
· Polishing brass – wheel, portholes etc
· Cleaning glass – portholes, skylights and wheelhouse windows (easy wins, these in the effort vs effect stakes)
· Have a go at cleaning down the decks (the Owl says we don’t have to do this as apparently we need to attack it with some sort of wire brush before we eventually repaint anyway, but in the meantime it’s filthy – also I really really want a go on a pressure washer)
· Establish how easy it might be to remove the tank behind the bathroom – assess that whole area
· Establish how easy it might be to remove the sea loo in the captain’s cabin
· Rub down and re-varnish the external wooden hatches and wheelhouse (and the wheel?)

At some point we also need to get quotes to do the electrics, look at the water tank situation and service the boiler.

Given the latest hold up (involving the Dutch notary going on holiday at no notice and failing to supply a vital bit of info needed for the mortgage paperwork to be issued which means we still haven’t started the seven day cooling off period) frankly, as much as we can do before we move on board would be enormously beneficial to our mental health, not to mention our eventual comfort.

Thankfully R is happy for us to crack on, although we’re not allowed to sleep on it. So at least it feels like we’re getting somewhere, even if it’s not exactly where we hoped we’d be by now. It never in a million years occurred to me that we might not be on board in time for our first wedding anniversary (30th June).


But there we go. And there’s still some (pale) hope we’ll make it…


6 thoughts on “The Boat DIY Journey Begins

  1. Tomasghetti Spaghetti says:

    Whoa. Big ups to you both! I hope the bar at the Premier Inn is unexpectedly good!

  2. Joods says:

    Sounds like you are going to need a team. I’ll bring rubber gloves and crocs! Beware power hoses. They do an excellent job but know this. You don’t want to wash out the caulking or whatever glues the planks tog. Easy boy! Just focus on 12 months time and get there slowly. Perfection will come but not immediately. Meantime, home sweet home is just around the corner. Enjoy! Mucho… XX Joods

    • Thanks J. The power hose is for the steel deck – we’ll keep well away from any weak points don’t worry! Thanks for the warning – and any help would be much appreciated!!! Lotsa lotsa xxxx

  3. Joanna says:

    Sounds like a thorough plan, well done. Where do we need to get to so I can see how/when I/we can come over and help? What’s best route/transport from London? Xxxxx

    • Simple answer: We need the mortgage paperwork to come through. As soon as we have that, we can make a plan to finish this thing…. I think. Having said all that, let’s face it I’ve said it several times before and it hasn’t exactly gone to plan! We thought we’d be on by the end of April, so god knows what else could go wrong that we don’t yet know about!
      They are allowing us to work on it in the meantime though, so you’re very welcome to come along next time we’re off to Kent…

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