Today is a beautiful day. It’s sunny… it’s Monday, so there’s a whole week of possibility ahead… and at 3am our boat pulled into its temporary mooring on the Medway, having finally made it safely across the Channel.  


Life is good. 


And to top it all off I just accidentally rediscovered Chris de Burgh’s “Spark to a Flame” album which I hadn’t realised I not only knew well but bloody LOVED when I was a kid (it has that song “Ship to Shore” on it which for some reason was stuck in my head). 


Next steps:

– R wants a recce to check out the Barking mooring and barrage before we venture up it.

– Mortgage people need to go and have a look and make sure they’re still happy.

– We need to go and have a look and make sure we’re still happy. With a hammer and a tape measure.  

– We need to tell Barking Creek that she’s here and arrange for the barrage to be manned and our mooring to be ready when we arrive. 

– We need to work out how quickly we can get the thing to Barking so we can get on with the rest of our life. 

– We need to work out what to do with Oscar to ease his transition from newly re-settled, happy-in-the-garden cat to ship’s cat.

– We need to plan a boat-warming party so everyone can come and see it.




4 thoughts on “SHE’S LANDED IN KENT

  1. To quote the Owl’s update this morning:
    “They made it and our boat is on the Medway in Kent. They crossed the channel overnight, then stopped for a few hours and then came to the Medway mooring with the tide this morning.

    R remains very complimentary of her handling and power. She manages just shy of 6 knots on calm canal waters. Across the Channel she managed up to 3 knots. She turns very easily which is good. The mentioned alternator problem looks like it’s just a short in the dashboard as there was never a problem with battery charge.”

    So there you have it.

  2. Joods says:

    Enfin! as they say over here. Progress progress. Keep up the pressure. I’m putting you in the diary for a cocktail on board on Sunday 7th July on our way back to the smoke. OK? Hope so! XX

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