Practical Application of the Shipping Forecast

We received the following from my dad earlier today. I’d say it was a master class in the practical application of the shipping forecast except it seems so effortless… Something to aspire to.

(NB: clearly what R sees and thinks possible having done the trip numerous times before may be very different, but each skipper’s responsible for his own interpretation. Here is one good version…)

“Well I’ve now had a closer look, and high water at Sheerness at the entrance to the Medway is currently at about 18.00 hrs, going forward by about an hour a day, and my guess is that R would want to do the last 20 or 30 miles of the 85 mile passage from Nieuport on a rising tide, so he would probably like to be North of Ramsgate around Noon to get in somewhere like St Mary’s Island in the Medway on a rising tide near high water.

That means the previous 60 miles (say 12 hours) would mean leaving Nieuport about midnight.

It’s hard to see which weather window he’ll go for, but the way it looks at present, my bet is that he won’t need to wait longer than Sunday night to set off. From then it looks settled with good vis for 48 hours, so my guess is he’ll be in the Medway no later than bed time on Monday.

Fingers are crossed!”


One thought on “Practical Application of the Shipping Forecast

  1. Joods says:

    I am always in awe of John’s great k-knowledge. The very first time I met him he gave me the low down on the Thames Barrier. I’ll never forget sitting gobsmacked at his descriptive. Great stuff. Lossalove John. I forget lots of stuff but not your lecture! XX

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