A Proud Day: the Owl’s First ‘Sinking’ Dream

Just a little post to express my pride that, my having been plagued for 3 years on Savage Thunder by slightly troubling dreams of sinking, the Owl recently had his first.  Apparently it was a relatively mellow affair, only getting panicky towards the end when the ship suddenly keeled over onto its side and went down somewhat quicker than expected.  I’m not sure where Oscar and I were in all this but it’s ok – at least he made it…!

To be fair, I was a rubbish boater – the front bilge was alarmingly full of water most of the time, and I thought that was normal.  Admittedly, this probably exacerbated my sinking dreams, but I can clearly remember they began within days of my boating career, the morning I woke up to the noise of ducks nibbling algae from below the waterline on my hull, right next to my head.  To the uninitiated it sounded like bubbles – A LOT of bubbles – I was going to drown. Cue: total pandemonium before I realised my duvet was still warm and dry and there (probably) wouldn’t be quite such happy quacking outside my window if the world was about to end.

My dad’s high-level parent anxiety about my sinking escalated even higher (probably shouldn’t have told him about the bilges) … and that was six months before the canal froze, prompting paranoiac trigger #2.  For future reference, the noise that water makes when rushing up in the gap between the outside of your hull and said frozen surface of canal when the travelling coal-barge comes by with its bi-monthly delivery ALSO sounds a lot like sinking, and sadly they ALSO tend to arrive extremely early in the morning, when your sleepy head is snoring in soft oblivion on its pillow.

A timely reminder of two (four?) things to watch out for.  Firstly though, I plan to have a bilge as dry as the Sahara.

The rest will probably take care of themselves.


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