Just a little update to say that our boat is currently lost. We have no idea where it is, and we haven’t been able to get hold of our skipper for 52 hours and counting. 

So: if anyone spots a barge answering to the name of Maria Elisabeth anywhere around here: Image


or more specifically here: 



please let us know.  That’d be great.  REALLY great. 

Thank you. 


3 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Joods says:

    I’ve just looked out of the window of my hotel in Sorrento across the Bay of Naples and there is a cruise ship and a ferry going by. Nowt else. Sorry! I’ll look again tomorrow. But you know, it’ll turn up. Skipper probably sousing himself for the last time in Dutch Genever. He’ll sober up. XX

    • Yep. We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of moving next weekend though, as per the latest plan.
      In fact, my new plan is to not make any more plans. Plans are for losers.
      Stuff the plan!

  2. Harriet Meikle says:

    Granny Sadie used to always say to us all, “Plans are made to be broken ! ” so cheer up go to my face book coverpage and have a little chuckle and cheer up she is having a good laugh up there somewhere saying ” I told you so ” X

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