A nautical musical wonderful gift

On Saturday we received the following bundle of wonderfulness from our friends Demis&Cat.

I was just going to paste the link and leave you to it, but the whole thing is so great I’ve decided to post it in its full glory:

“Relax everybody, the wait is over….

While I’m certain you’ve both been losing sleep – waiting, wondering when I’d drop a certain long-awaited Spotify playlist on you guys, thrown out there teasingly like a life-preserver on a dangerous, frothy sea only to be unceremoniously pulled back in on our way out the door the other weekend – the time has come.

Yes, that’s right. Ladies, gents, boat-owners and skippers : sit back, pull up a comfy couch, and an Internet-enabled device with an install of Spotify, and prepare to be thoroughly blown away by ONE HUNDRED of the best (sometimes very tenuously-linked) ocean/water/boat-related tracks known to civilised humankind, carefully curated by the both of us for your water-bound listening pleasure.


Enjoy. (Perhaps…. depends if you find the couple of disco additions offensive or not…)”

THANKS GUYS! I think a playlist is one of the most generous things you can do for another person and this one is massive – a soundtrack for our new life!

Demis’ blog is excellent and here: http://demislw.com/
And he’s a social maniac so you can follow him here: @Demis

(PS: for the record, I love Disco. Cat: not so much. Which must be uncomfortable for her, as it’s EVERYWHERE!)


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