Boat Insurance Shenanigans

After all the dust has settled, and we’re lying back on our freshly painted deck in the sunshine with a cool glass of rose and the mellow magic of Bob Marley or similar drifting gently out across the glimmering waves, we will have fun tales to tell about all the shenanigans this week.

Brace yourselves for the longest sentence in the world.

Between: the Mortgage People (who need: proof of insurance, survey report, surveyor’s valuation, proof of mooring, boat safety certificate (only if needed by mooring provider), photos of the boat to fill in the unanswered questions from the survey, and our proposal for dealing with survey recommendations before they’ll release the funds after the statutory 7 day cooling-off period once it’s in the UK) and the various Insurance People (one of whom will insure the boat, contents and crossing but whose excess is excessive, won’t cover The Thing and won’t accept monthly direct debit, but whom R has a relationship with and has gone ahead and confirmed the crossing cover with (without consulting us); another of whom is cheaper, less than half the excess (same payout), will insure The Thing and will accept DD, but has some weird personal vendetta against our skipper so won’t insure the crossing (which has to be attached to an annual policy), and a third of whom will only insure us 3rd party until we’ve addressed all the survey recommendations and won’t do the crossing) – we’ll leave the mooring providers off this list as they’ve been hassle-free and don’t need the BSC which is a vast, nightmare-saving relief – this week has been quite stressful.

Having spent the last 3 days finding time between full-on day-jobs to chase up the survey and mooring agreement, and call around the DBA‘s list of insurers (I take it all back, they are amazing and I love them), we have concluded that the only viable option is the original one, and we’ll just have to suck it all up and insure The Thing separately, which is again more expensive. We’ll probably revise it all next year when there aren’t weird blood feuds to contend with, but for now it’s the best plan and the Owl confirmed our submission today.

As soon as I’ve recovered my composure, I’m going to do a post on realistic timelines and costs of this process for others’ future reference. I’ll also do one with our list of London residential moorings.

In other news: we moved out of Dalston and into M’s yesterday in what has to be the least stressful move ever undertaken (by me, at least). Having moved all our belongings with the help of two charming Polish fellows into the Big Yellow next door to our new mooring, we spent most of the afternoon on our soon-to-be ex-front step, drinking beer in the sunshine and reading the papers until M got home to let us in around 6pm. A great Dalston send-off.

Stage #1: complete.

Over and out.



2 thoughts on “Boat Insurance Shenanigans

  1. Joods says:

    Keep calm and carry on – right? XX

    • Yep. It’s actually all going fine and much easier than say a house (apparently) … We’re nearly there. It’s nice to have the whole process under way to be honest. All good. XX

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