Currency Watching

The Owl woke me up this morning with the news that the Euro’s on the rise, which is (believe it or not) extremely exciting. Firstly because he’s been keeping an eye on it and I haven’t which means we’re not both totally useless; but mostly because it means the £££ we have secured to buy the ship will stretch that much further in Euros. We may even end up saving enough to do the urgent&essential boat work needed, which means we’ll be able to move onto the fun stuff that much faster. Given we looked set to lose something like £5k a few weeks ago, this is something of a relief…

On which: the Owl’s reluctance to deal with renovating the exterior for the time being was dealt a fatal blow this week when a marina (which shall remain nameless) refused to consider us in our present state of ‘deshabille’, bearing out all my doom-mongering about how snobby some marinas can be about littering their beautiful water with a load of old rust buckets… So now its been moved up the list of jobs and we’re having fun chats about colours etc, which I for one am thoroughly enjoying!

Now, if only we could get the major issue of the mooring sorted out, this would all be much more fun… But there’s always the Medway, and if we need to be doing those sort of major cosmetics, we may be better off spending some time down there where they look more kindly on ‘project’ boats in any case. Que sera sera…


2 thoughts on “Currency Watching

  1. Judy Havrlik says:

    Dear Minky,

    We are reading your progress with bated breath. It all sounds quite awesome. What a project. But the end result will justify the current angst. Must say, your logic re the Euro puzzles me. If the Euro is on the rise it will cost more pounds to buy them nesspa? Don’t want to cloud your skies but….

    We are in London for a week from Sunday so if you have time for supper or something we’d love to see you. If you can get bruvver on board too.

    Lossalove, JoodsXX

  2. Jonathan says:

    The Owl here… To clarify, the euro is actually falling against the pound so it is good news. The number of euros to the pound keeps getting bigger which is where my lazy use of “rising” came from.

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