Sea Sick with Excitement

I’m leaving work in precisely -1 minute to catch the RAIL part of our RAIL’n’SAIL overnight trip to Rotterdam to find our dream barge.  I’ve been very good at not thinking about it all day, but now I’ve got to leave I’m feeling slightly sick and we’re not even on the ferry yet… IT’S SO EXCITING!!!

So obvs I’ll be posting lots of pics when we’re back of the boats we’ve seen and what we’re going to do.  In the meantime, here’s a pic of my extremely brilliant chart and layout outline so we can record as much as we can about each boat before we go on to the next, get horribly confused and end up buying the wrong one by accident.  Image

Highlights to watch out for include: checking when the stern gland was last serviced, is there a battery management system, what sort of bilge system do they have, are any aerials collapsible (for getting under bridges), when was it last dry-docked, and are there any signs of damp (INSIDE, obviously). 

My mum (who is coming with us to “help”) nearly fell off her chair with joy when I mentioned the spreadsheet. I’d go so far as to say it made her day… which is a) lucky because this will probably be her job, and b) makes it genetic, because I am disproportionately pleased with myself!  

Right, to the beach – see you on the other side!  


One thought on “Sea Sick with Excitement

  1. Joods says:

    I’m wondering how much sleep you’ll get tonight. Worse than Christmas when you’re seven! Mothers are always helpful! Please check that little old ladies like me (ahem) can get on board without a hoist. Looking forward to further postings! XX Joods

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