Well, the marine mortgage paperwork is finally in to Roy Scott Larch, and we’re awaiting the final confirmation – so now our thoughts return to our ship herself and what she’ll be… R asked us to draw up a wishlist of ‘essentials’ and ‘would like to haves’ so that he can send his skippers out to start window shopping in advance of our trip. This is what we sent him:

6’3″ head height minimum in the bulk of the boat
2 bedroom minimum
An aesthetic line / A boat that will not lose value
A good bathroom with a bath or the space to build
An ample, comfortable wheelhouse

Good light
3rd bed
Coal burning stove
Outside deck space
Central heating
Gas cooking

To which we have added a wish for an anchor so we can go on trips up the Suffolk coast (as we won’t get very far up the Thames).

The non-essentials list is as it is on the basis that they’re mostly things we can add (apart from the portholes).

Truth is I pretty much want as close a replica of R’s little princess as can be found…

Anyhoo, that’s where we’re at this week, and I’m starting to feel sad about leaving Dalston! Some people are never bloody satisfied. But I genuinely will miss it sorely – all our friends and neighbours so close by, our completely amazing Turkish shops and ocakbasi right on the doorstep, the french african church opposite the mosque at the end of our road and whole sense of community. Mock it as you might, but I’d stay here forever, if only they had a patch of water big enough.

That makes me sound like a bull frog.

Time to go.


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