Post script

Post Script: I am still a rookie at this blogging malarkey, plus I’ve just had a foot operation so am arguably not quite in full possession of my faculties. I’m certainly not in possession of my laptop which work is currently fitting out with VPN so I can work from home, and I’m therefore reduced for now to blogging somewhat inadequately from my phone. So:

Post script #1: due to poor post-planning (I did an english degree for goodness sake, you’d think I’d do better. That alliteration was fun though;) I didn’t quite finish the story in my last one. The reason the second little beauty turned out to be Fate and Meant To Be, is because she is owned by one R.W. who I eventually worked out I’d spoken to five or six years ago about finding me a boat, but lacked the maturity/courage/focus/funds to pursue it. I’d since tried to find him again and failed, only to stumble across his amazing boat and be handed his number by J to call up as ‘a man who knows about boats’. See? Fate. Meant To Be. So we phoned him up, had a lovely chat, and suddenly it was all systems go.

That really will be the next post…

Post Script #2: the pictures I posted at the end of the last post were a desperately inadequate attempt to provide at least some visual stimulation, at least until I’ve got my laptop and can find some better ones. They’re of the quayside at Crossharbour on an after-work stroll in November (hence: nighttime). I haven’t worked out how to caption photos posted via the WordPress app. Give me time…


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